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May 2021
Yellow Dog Jazz Newsletter

Working for The Past, Present and Future of Jazz

I was hoping to announce the opening date of the club when the government said the restrictions could go on after June 21st so as you can imagine it is so frustrating but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

In last month’s newsletter I informed you of the passing of Colin Kingwell but due to the Coronavirus only 30 people were allowed to attend his funeral. Alan Davis, promoter of the Amersham jazz club is having ‘A Celebrations of The Life of Colin Kingwell on July 3rd at 1pm. Hopefully I intend to make the journey.

In my March Newsletter I asked you to send me an email or letter of when you first heard a live jazz band. Jim Buck emailed me the following. Sometime in 61/62 in the Hull Students Union Hall on a Saturday I heard the Dutch Swing College (still with their early ‘traditional style’ line up), playing ‘’Ace in The Hole’’. It must have been the first number, as from then on, I was ‘hooked’! I have been listening to jazz as much as possible ever since. The next time I heard them live, was some years later and the line-up had changed to a more ‘swing group’.

Thank you, Jim, I presume you missed ‘Way Down Yonder in New Orleans’ which is their signature tune and is always played at the beginning and end of their concerts. lt was a very loud band which grabbed your attention, it was later I realised no New Orleans band before or after sounded like that. I agree with Jim they changed to swing/mainstream however they are a very successful band.

In the weird and wonderful world of jazz record collecting, there are some of the weird and wonderful titles I have come across over the years. No doubt there are many more!

I’m Gonna Tell You in Front, So You won’t feel Hurt Behind Cow Cow Davenport 1929 Vocalion

I’ve Got a Cross-Eyed Papa, But He Sure Looks Straight To Me Oliver Naylor’s Seven Aces 1924 Gennett

You Ain’t Quitting Me Without Two Weeks Notice 1924 Colombia

Are All My Favourite Playing or Am I Dreaming Tommy Dorsey 1937 Victor

I hope I can bring good news in my June epistle, Jazzy Joe, or 023 8086 9720

PS. Believing was so much easier before I started thinking.


New Yellow Dog Jazz Club