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April 2021
Yellow Dog Jazz Club Updates

Working for The Past, Present and Future of Jazz

I suppose it’s inevitable it’s going to happen the older they get musicians will succumb to the call of Gabriel. Last month trombonist Colin Kingwell answered that call at the age of 90. I had known Colin for nearly 40 years when he made me welcome to his Tuesday night gig at the Globe in West London in the 80s.

It was Colin together with cornetist Steve Lane who devised the original Jazz Guide. It started life as a single sheet of A4 and has grown into a glossy 42page magazine. And now for a Michael Cane ism, Colin started playing trumpet and his good friend Pat Halcox of Chris Barber fame trombone as teenagers when they formed the Brent Valley Stompers. Not a lot of people know that.

How many of you saw the email that Sally sent about Chris Barber on 7th of last month which she attached a most interesting and informative attachment on Tony Carter’s time with the band? I found it fascinating, and I highly recommend you read it. It is an insight to a working musician’s life. We only see the musicians when they perform which is about 10% of their day. As a result of all the traveling, Tony became an expert on the German autobahn’s and of our M roads also similar roads in Denmark, Holland and Sweden.

Dr Andrew Liddle, journalist and jazz critic for the Just Jazz magazine was invited to perform a jazz survey on our music which he did by asking 290 people 10 questions of which only 3 were most relevant to us at the ‘Dog’. 1 Do you anticipate returning to your club, 90% said yes. 2 Do you believe your club will re-open,66% said yes. 3 What if anything would increase the chances of your return, answer, Respect of existing Covid rules and the first gig at our club will strictly adhere to the Government and the club’s rules.

Music is one of life’s most important survival tools. It nourishes us, it gives us hope, helps us heal, and gives us the strength to keep going even in the toughest of times and I feel the green shoots are slowly growing and hopefully it won’t be too long when I can announce when we can kick start our 2021 season.

Well folks I think that’s about all the news for this month and remember You don’t make music with instruments. You make music with emotions. The instruments just allow you to get your point across.

Keep Safe Jazzy Joe, or 023 8086 9720


New Yellow Dog Jazz Club