New Yellow Dog Jazz Club

April 2020

New Yellow Dog Jazz Club

Hello and I hope you are all keeping safe during these troubled times. As there is no jazz to report on, I am going to write a brief letter telling you of any developments and to let you know what I am doing also please email me with any story that you think may be of interest we can share it with the other members.

Pauline Gould kindly informed me that Andy Jemmitt had passed away. (Not Covid 19 related) Due to the Virus it was a ‘Family’ only funeral. Andy together with Helen resided on table 11, halfway up on the right. Andy and Helen were always some of the first to show up at a gig, Helen always asked if she could help in any way, what a lovely couple. Please accept my condolences.

During the ‘Lockdown’ I am breaking up my day by apportioning it to pleasurable activities such as jazz which includes re-reading jazz related material , art studies on You Tube , including my art books also anything about Cornwall and a little TV and recordings of my favourite programme Doc Martin.

So, in this letter I will begin with jazz. I bought a ‘Music Centre’ which allows me to play CD’s, cassettes, records including EPs LPs and 78s also it has a radio function without moving out of my seat. I am now devoting part of my day to listening to my collection and I reckon I will play my last recording by about 2050 ish. Although I have always had the equipment to play all the above, for instance I have a 1936 HMV wind up gramophone in the lounge. Upstairs in my bedroom I can play my EP and LP collection and in my office all my CDs on my laptop. So far, I have listened to Jelly Roll Morton, King Oliver, and Jimmy McParland LPs. I remember Geoff Dobson telling me he met McPartland’s wife, Marian when she played piano at the Hickory House in New York in the 50s.

Then I will play my Armand J Piron LP and as Cuff said, ‘For me the most rewarding music to come out of New Orleans’. Apart from the Kid Martyn band of the 60’s and a few others there are no British bands that float my boat.

Well that is it for this month but do not forget please email me with any item that you think may be of interest whether it be jazz or how you are managing your time, thank you.

Jazzy Joe, or 023 8086 9720


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