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July 2019

New Yellow Dog Jazz Club Eastleigh

In the absence of not having a gig this month I am devoting this newsletter to our 13th Riverboat Shuffle. Despite the change of our departure point a few went to Ocean Village only to find many high-rise apartments where the boat used to sail from. Next year I will amend the tickets showing the Town Quay. Also, I advertised the Shuffle in the Jazz Guide who printed the wrong departure time, who said running a jazz club was easy.

Due to sharing our berth with the Hythe Ferry we left 20 minutes behind our scheduled advertised time. As it was a lovely sunny afternoon no one seemed to mind and the picnic’s soon appeared as the Sussex Jazz Kings entertained us with some good old New Orleans jazz.

The Solent was like a mill pond during our crossing except when the Red Jet ferry raced past us causing a wave. We arrived at the Trinity Landing, Cowes, at 1.50 and I made a point of disembarking first so I could see the start of the band parading followed by the ‘Second Liners’ with their decorated umbrellas. It always amuses me seeing the faces of the local people wondering what the hell is going on.

The parade was over far too soon for my liking so a few of us repaired to our usual watering hole, the Union Inn. I remember coming across this pub 13 years ago because it was a ‘Fullers’ one who sold my favourite beer, ESB. Sadly, my drinking days are over due to me having to wear a morphine patch. All together now ‘Poor Me, Poor Me’.

Before I forget I must thank Jim Buck for taking all the photos which you can see on the club’s website, well done Jim.

All to soon it was time to make our way back to the boat for our journey home. As part of the ritual I say a few words before we dock. As usual I thanked the band who I think is Dave Stradwick’s best one which I put down to Pet’e Lays drumming and Paul Sealy’s superb banjo playing. I also thanked John Tall for the strawberries he brings on board which he has been doing since our first Riverboat Shuffle. I saved my last thank you for Lesley Stradwick who not only devised and prints the poster but also sells tickets which she absolutely does not have to do. I pointed out that without Lesley’s generous help I could not afford to have the boat trip so I invited everyone to stand and give her a well-deserved round of applause. I finished by announcing the date of the 2020 Shuffle which will be on Sunday July 19th.

Everything was going swimmingly until I went to pay the band only to find that I had left their envelope at home. It was nearly panic stations until I remembered that they were playing at the Concorde club in the evening so instead of an early night it turned out to be a late one.

Finally, I am looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday August 31st when we have the Solent City Jazzmen entertaining us led by King Billett trumpet, John Wiseman trombone, John Laws clarinet, George Skidmore banjo, Ray Goold double bass, Chris Satterley piano and Pete Jackman drums.

Jazzy Joe 023 8086 9720 or

PS When ending a day, you should never say ‘I could have’, ‘I should have’, or ‘I would have’. At the end of the day you should always say ‘I did’.


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