New Yellow Dog Jazz Club

June 2019

New Yellow Dog Jazz Club Eastleigh

Last month we were entertained by Dave Stradwick’s Sussex Jazz Kings.What with Dave’s humour and some very good musicians we had a great evening of good old New Orleans jazz. I can’t help but notice since Pete Lay, drums and Paul Sealy, tenor banjo have joined the band they have bought a new dimension to it. Pete’s playing reminds me of Cie Frazer and Baby Dodds with some lovely ‘Press Rolls’ and ‘Rim Shots’and no ‘High Hat’ while Paul its ‘’Creole’’ George Guesnon and Emanuel Sayles who could play single string banjo besides strumming.

During the gig Steve Harvey one of our regulars seemed to think that I know the name to all the tunes the band played. If truth be known I don’t however If you were to give me a choice of say 4 or 5 tunes then yes, I can………. sometimes. I have an LP of some 50 years, remember them of Jelly Roll Morton in my collection playing Dr Jazz. Until last month I thought Johnny St Cyr was playing banjo. Kevin Scott leader of the Golden Eagle corrected me, saying it was a guitar. The point I am making is, what do I know, I am only a student of my favourite music.

It would be remiss of me if I didn’t thank you singing Happy Birthday on the occasion of my 80th. Also thank you to John Tall, Val Wicks, Alice Kinnane and the lovely Sally Sear for your cards and presents. My family spoiled me rotten by taking me out to lunch at Seashells, a restaurant in Hythe overlooking the Southampton Water.

I have just realised we have had 149 gigs since I relaunched the club in 2006 and I have never missed one. This is despite going on holiday to America, Slovenia and many week-end breaks to Cornwall. Knowing we have a gig on the last Saturday every month I can and do arrange my holidays not to clash.

Well here it is, June mid-way through our 2019 programme and on course to be where I anticipated we would be at this stage. I lose about £95 every gig but with the savings of £1,400 for only having 10 gigs this year, the net effect is a profit of £45 every gig. All we need is just 14 more people and all our financial problems are over, any suggestions?

Next month I will devote the newsletter to the Riverboat Shuffle so in the meantime be good and keep jazz’in.

Jazzy Joe 023 8086 9720 or

P.S. I always knew I’d get old. How fast it happened was a bit of a surprise though


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