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May 2019

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I have mentioned many times both in my monthly newsletters and announcing at our gigs, that the Solent City Jazzmen play at the King Rufus pub in Eling Totton on the first Saturday in the month, to a full or nearly full pub however what I have never mentioned is that on the third Saturday Dave Lewin piano, and bassist Ray Goold entertain us. Last months gig was on April 20th. I was the only customer and so had my own private concert! Just imagine I had two excellent musicians playing just for me and playing all my requests………. happy days.

During a conversation with Ray he told me he started playing jazz while at Bristol University, and that the bass he plays is the only one he has ever owned. It’s a German made instrument from Leipzig circa 1815 with a value of around £20,000. I now realize why other bass players use a pick up as they have inferior instruments so cannot get a ‘Big’ sound that Ray can.

Recently with a friend I went to the Gosport Jazz Club to listen to the Southern Revival New Orleans Jazz Band with the idea of booking them for the other club I run as I was sure I could not afford to hire them for the ‘Dog’. However, I was pleasantly surprised when the leader lowered his fee knowing we are going through a bad patch, so the good news is they will be with us next year.

Last month from the West of England Dave Martin’s Jabbo 5 were our guests. I was surprised to get a 90% approval during my table to table visits also I had a first. We have had over 150 gigs since I relaunched the club in 2006 and when I asked a couple if they liked the band or not, the outcome has always been that the couple are in agreement however for the first time last month, I had a case where the wife liked the band but the significant other didn’t.

They kicked off playing Doctor Jazz and went on to play another 23 tunes including Over in The Glory land, Royal Garden Blues, Milenberg Joys, Savoy Blues and there was a bit of hokum when the leader Dave Martin put on a blond wig when they played Since My Best Girl Turned Me Down. Many of you asked I am going to book them next year; the answer is yes. Due to holidays and sickness we had the lowest attendance that I’ve ever had when only 35 members turned up which is in stark contrast to the 59, we had last year.

The banjo player, Sarah Thatcher who was depping for the regular musician was another surprise. In the 90s Sarah used to come to the Eagle pub in Southampton to hear the Solent City Jazzmen on a Tuesday night and to be invited to join them for a couple of numbers. It was here that she met her husband Norman Thatcher the excellent multi-instrumentalist who would drive all the way from Gloucester such is the reputation of the Solent City Jazzmen.

On the 18th (note the change of week) we have our River Boat Shuffle band, the Sussex Jazz Kings led by Dave Stradwick on cornet, Bernard Stutt-clarinet, Iain McAulay-trombone, Paul Sealey-banjo, Peter Clancy-string bass and Pete Lay-drums.

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P.S. Growing old is INEVITABLE………growing up is OPTIONAL.


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