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March 2019

New Yellow Dog Jazz Club Eastleigh

This year’s Riverboat Shuffle will be on Sunday July 14th. Tickets at £18 will be on sale at this month’s gig and on the April and May gigs at the club, also if it’s more convenient you can send me a cheque made out to J. Croll. Send it to 15 Portal Road Totton Southampton SO40 3GB with a stamped self-addressed envelope and I will send you the amount you require.

I must apologise for not explaining the reason for not having gigs in June and July before now. It was purely an economic one. Last year I was losing on average £42 every month which equates to over £500 annually. Yes, I love my jazz but as the entrance fee is £12, I was paying over three times that. Each gig costs on average £700, that is my monthly outlay so by having 10 gigs this year I hope to recuperate my losses.

As a child I was told that Yorkshire is not only our largest County but anyone born there is an expert on Whippets, jazz with a little bit of Opera thrown in for good measure. In my February newsletter I devoted a paragraph to a tune called Bad Penny Blues. One of our more erudite members sent me an email explaining how wrong I was. I was about to delete the said tome when I realised the sender was/is from Yorkshire who is also a published author on a jazz musician (I use that term loosely) he was a drummer. I immediately knew I had to be wrong. On the plus side It’s so refreshing to know my newsletters are being read.

Recently I had a call from Adrienne Bray telling me husband Tony had died. Tony had been ill for some time, so now he is in that jazz club in the sky. I always enjoyed seeing them jiving, thoroughly enjoying themselves which reminded me of that Fats Waller tune ‘The Joint is Jumping’. It surely was when these two chicks were strutting their thing. On behalf of our members I send our condolences Adrienne.

In New Orleans earlier this month was the place to be when the city celebrated Mardi Gras a Christian festival. It is held on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. We call it Shrove Tuesday whereas in New Orleans it’s called ‘Fat Tuesday’ where everyone supposedly gorges themselves before the start of Lent. There are marching bands, jazz bands, street jugglers and many other legal and illegal activities.

Last month we had the Solent City Jazz Men entertaining us. They kicked off with Algiers Strut then went on to play another nine tunes in the first set. In the second set they played one of my favourite tunes, East Coast Trot recorded in 1926 featuring Junie Cobb and Johnny Dodds on clarinet, Tiny Parham piano and Eustern Woodfork on the banjo. No, I haven’t made a mistake, that really is his name.

I was asked why I refer to Cuff Billett as King Billet. A few years ago, Doug Landau, the respected jazz critic once exclaimed ‘Our British jazz scene never quite got around to proclaiming the title king, had it done so there is no doubt in my mind that accolade should have gone to Cuff Billett, a truly precocious talent’. I certainly second that statement.

Finally, our March band will be the very popular Golden Eagle, the dancer’s favourite band.

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