New Yellow Dog Jazz Club

February 2019

New Yellow Dog Jazz Club Eastleigh

What can I say about last months band, New Orleans Heat, they never disappoint? That was their 12th consecutive January visit. Barry Grummett the leader never lets the standard he demands drop, even when he has to call on a ‘Dep’ musician. I think having a piano makes all the difference to the overall sound of the band. Of all the tunes they played, Bad Penny Blues was one of your favourites, a catchy little tune composed by Humphrey Lyttleton which he recorded in 1956. The story goes, after the recording he went on holiday and on his return, it had reached number 2 in the top twenty. He disapproved of the sound engineer (George Martin) who turned up the volume when Johnny Parker played a boogie piano riff. Humph didn’t like it but his bank manager did as it completely paid off his overdraft

We had a very good turn out with 54 of you showing up so with the raffle I made a small profit of £4. I will continue emailing you with a flyer of the following months band. Please print it off and put it up on any notice board such as pubs, clubs, library’s or anywhere you can think of.

After talking to you last month it would appear finishing 30 minutes earlier has met with your approval. None of us are getting any younger, also the band especially liked it as they had a 3-hour drive home.

Recently I was talking to Brian Carrick, leader of the Algiers Stompers to wish him a Happy Birthday who you may remember was struck down by that horrible disease Sepsis from which he nearly died. I only phone him once a year as he gets so many calls, anyway on my recent call he told me he was on the mend, but it is a very long process. He intended to start practice playing his clarinet but then developed Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in both hands. That’s the last thing a clarinet needs. He sounded positive and hopes to get back on stage latter this year.

The jazz scene is rather slow at this time of year so I thought I would share some of the silly thing’s musicians get up to when they are out shopping. 1 Set all the alarm clocks in the Housewares department to go off at 5-minute intervals. 2 Move a ‘Caution-Wet Floor’ sign to a carpeted area. 3 Hide in a clothing rack and when people browse, then yell ‘PICK ME PICK ME’ and finally when in a fitting room, wait a while then yell VERY LOUDLY ‘There’s no toilet paper in here’.

On the 23rd we have the Solent City Jazzmen, another seven-piece band led by King Billett trumpet, John Laws clarinet, John Wiseman trombone, George Skidmore banjo, Ray Goold bass, Chris Satterley piano and Pete Jackman drums. Chris is the band’s music director and always selects a good and varied programme both for the dancers and the listeners alike without the need for unwanted loud amplification. They also play at the King Rufus pub on the first Saturday in the month.

Jazzy Joe 023 8086 9720 or

PS Gloria alleluia my new moto………Fallen woman attended to, NONE TURNED AWAY


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