New Yellow Dog Jazz Club

December 2019

New Yellow Dog Jazz Club Eastleigh

I don’t know about you but last month’s band the Golden Eagle are getting better and better. Kevin Scott now has a well drilled team who are a joy to dance and listen to. They kicked off the evening with Maggie before playing Someday Sweetheart finishing the first set with Riverside Blues. In all the 13 years or 156 gigs this is the first time any band has played this lovely King Oliver 1923 tune. I made the remark if you want to hear it again you must come to my funeral.

On Saturday we will have our last gig at the Fleming Park Bowling Club before we move to the Hedge End Conservative club located at The Hill Upper Northam Close Hedge End Southampton SO30 4BB.

As I was unable to book 12 Saturday gig’s I have had to move our club night to a Friday night starting on January 31st. The only exception will be our February band Doc Houlind’s Revival Band. This will be on Saturday the 29th and it will be held at the Botley Market Hall. This is a special gig as it’s my tribute to Bob Champion who was very influential in my knowledge of New Orleans jazz way back in the 50’s. Between Cole Mathieson, John Edgar Mann and Bob these are the people I remember who were the most help.

Many was the time a 17/18 kid would ask John Mann the name of a tune and never once being rebuked. Many years later when John’s mind was going, he would ask me. It was a case of ‘What goes around, comes around’.

In my next letter I will review this year’s bands and any other news. On Saturday 14th December we have a new band to the club, The Shieldhall Stompers so named after one of the last steam ships still in service. The band is led by Tony Purse who is a member of the ship’s crew. He is joined by Ron Agar on clarinet, Tom Pearce trombone, George Skidmore on banjo, Ray Goold bass and Tony’s son Dave on drums.

As this is our last gig at the Fleming Park Bowling Club, I would like to thank their employees for looking after us.

Jazzy Joe, or 023 8086 9720


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