New Yellow Dog Jazz Club

November 2019

New Yellow Dog Jazz Club Eastleigh

First, my apologies for not sending out my October newsletter. My computer crashed just as I was about to write the letter. After taking it back to PC world twice it still wasn’t right. Finally, I got back online too late to send it out.

As you know I am losing a lot of money each month, so I have been investigating other alternatives. After much searching, I have found a suitable location only quarter of a mile off junction7 of the M 27 so sadly after 13 years at the Fleming Park Bowling Club our new home will be the Southern Parishes Conservative Club, The Hill, Upper Northam Close, Hedge End SO30 4BB. Unfortunately, I will have to move our club night from a Saturday to a Friday so our first gig will be on Friday January 24th, 2020 when New Orleans Heat will be entertaining us for the 14th time. I think this just might be what was needed to get the numbers back to where they should be.

Last month the Sussex Jazz Kings were our guests. I couldn’t help but notice since Dave Stradwick’s health has improved he is back to his best playing no doubt thanks to Lesley, looking at their very busy schedule it’s just as well he is.

The trombone player Iain McAulay sang three songs one of which was Its Tight Like That. Iain was obviously in a good mood as he changed the words that made me smile. It was nice to see Bernard Stutt back on stage after being laid up with a Hip replacement. Dave gave Bernard a solo accompanied by the rhythm section when he played Good Night Sweet Prince. Dave calls these four musicians ‘The Bernardets’. Another tune I remember them playing was Sweet Fields. This was a term that was used in New Orleans for a cemetery. My only quibble was seeing Peter Clancy using what I call a Pogo Stick not a full-size bass, but I must admit he fits in with a brilliant rhythm section.

On the 30th we have the return of The Golden Eagle, the dancer’s band. Richard Church trumpet, Alan Cresswell clarinet, Roy Stokes trombone, Kevin Scott leader tenor banjo, Chris ‘Thumper’ Thomson bass and Malc Murphy on drums.

As the Apex Jazzmen decided to cancel their booking, I am engaging the services of The Shieldhall Stompers for our December band on the 14th. The Shieldhall is Britain’s largest working steam ship. Tony Purse leads the band that plays on board in the Summer he also leads the Panama Hat Jazz band that play at the Bluebird club in Ferndown.

Jazzy Joe, or 023 8086 9720


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