New Yellow Dog Jazz Club

January 2019

New Yellow Dog Jazz Club Eastleigh

Happy New Year to you all and many thanks for your Christmas cards, they were very much appreciated.

As usual Peter Wilkinson’s Apex jazz band entertained us again for the fifth year running. Gone are the days when they would march around the club however due to some of the musicians not being able to including the leader who must to sit down to play due to his incapacity.

Some of the tunes were my favourites, ‘The Dardanelle ’and ‘Its Tight Like That’ which Chris Barber recorded in the 50s, also ‘Shake It and Break It’.

I was happy to make Betty Horsnell Club Person of The Year and was pleased it was warmly approved by all of you. My apologies to Betty as it was long overdue. I remember seeing her at the Eagle pub in Southampton every Tuesday to listen to the Solent City Jazzmen some 30 years ago.

As usual I went to the Concorde club on Christmas eve lunch time as I have done for at least 15 years. Out of the blue Marine Jones tapped me on the shoulder to say hello. I am referring to Callan Jones who first came to the club as a 10-year-old. I asked him if he had brought his Saxophone with him, but he hadn’t. About an hour later he asked me if I could ask the band leader if he could play a couple of numbers with the band.

I was somewhat puzzled as he had told me he had not brought his Sax with him. Apparently, the previous night he was playing in Ocean Village where Ann Graydon (Table 8) lives and she heard him. Anyway, as she was also at the Concorde, she volunteered to run him home to pick up his instrument. Both Tony Carter and Megs Etherington were so impressed with Cally they asked him to stay and play another tune with them. You will be pleased to know fame has not turned his head, he is still the polite young gentleman I’ve always known him to be.

Our January band is New Orleans Heat. Barry Grummet pno. Richard Church tpt, Dave Vickers tbn, John Scantlebury cln, Harry Slater bass, Alan Birkenhead bjo and Colin Bushell on drums.

Jazzy Joe 023 8086 9720 or

PS I’m not changing anything in 2019. I’m not the problem .


New Yellow Dog Jazz Club