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June 2018

New Yellow Dog Jazz Club Eastleigh

I am devoting most of this newsletter to a conversation I had with one of our top drummers, I am referring to Malc Murphy so here is a brief musical biography.

"I Started playing drums in 1953. 2 years later I heard a 78 record of the Bunk Johnson jazz band playing One Sweet Letter From You with George Lewis on clarinet and Warren Baby Dodds on drums which sent shivers down my neck listening to this wonderful music that had everything, feeling, swing, soul.From then on, any spare money I had I bought 78 records of King Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton, Kid Ory and George Lewis among others

I joined my first band at 15, the Soar Valley Jazz Band, then the Climax and the San Jacinto bands, all working in the Midlands area.

In 1967, Ken Colyer auditioned me for his band at the 51 club in Gt Newport Street London and I was very pleased when he offered me the drum chair in the band.

Ken folded the band in June 1971 through illness. The band decided to carry on under the name of Johnny Bastable’s Chosen Six with John Shillito on trumpet. This lasted 18/24 months when we all went our separate ways

I formed my own band, Malc Murphy’s Storyville Stompers and this continued for 20 years or so. As with the Colyer band, we toured the UK and Europe every year.

I went to New Orleans for the first time in 1970 and played with local musicians, sitting in mostly, with their New Orleans bands. I have visited many times over the following years and have recorded in the Crescent City with various musicians.

I was with Colin Kingwell’s Jazz Bandits for 25 years, which as you know continues as the New Orleans Bandits following Colin’s retirement. I also play with the Ken Colyer New Orleans Trust Band which changed its name to the KC Legacy Band after the trust organization was terminated. During this time, I have depped with many bands both in the UK and Europe.

My main inspiration as far as New Orleans drumming goes are Arthur ‘Zutty’ Singleton, Warren ‘Baby’ Dodds, Paul and Louis Barbarin, Josh ‘Cie’ Frazier, Alfred Williams and Ray Bauduc. The highlight from this list is actually visiting Zutty Singleton on my way back from a New Orleans trip, in his apartment in New York. I will always remember the moment he appeared in the hallway outside his apartment and the following conversation and technical demonstration he shared with me on his spare kit."

Best wishes as always, Malc Murphy.

On Saturday we have the return on the Apex band which is named after a famous club in Chicago where clarinettist Jimmy Noone and his orchestra used to play in the 20s. The Apex band that will be entertaining us is led by Peter Wilkinson on trumpet, Win Bowen trombone, Berni Merthur clarinet, Doug Kennedy banjo, Ray Goold bass and John Hall drums.

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